Michael Contento (1982) received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Pennsylvania State University, and he received his Master of Architecture from Columbia University, GSAPP.  He is currently a Project Architect with Urban-Think Tank, an interdisciplinary architecture and urban design practice.  During his time at U-TT he has led several projects in South America and Europe that focus on the relationship between architecture and the contemporary city, specifically informality.  He has also coordinated research and design workshops and international exhibitions.

He is also lead researcher and design studio critic at the Chair of Architecture and Urban Design in the ETH Zürich Department of Architecture.  Michael coordinates and teaches design studios that address the physical, social, and ecological challenges facing contemporary cities in South America and Asia. He has also worked as Associate Research Scholar at Columbia University conducting research on the Informal City and Interurban Transportation in several South American cities.

Michael currently lives, works, and teaches with his wife, Lindsey Sherman, in Zürich, Switzerland.



Urban-Think Tank 

Urban-Think Tank Chair of Architecture and Urban Design, D-ARCH, ETH Zürich